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your service is disgusting, very rude customer service rep's that hang up the phone on you and give you attitude when your chasing a parcel, had many of my customer compliant to me that they rang out allied express to locate there parcels and the customer service rep's pretty much told them to *** off and hang up the phone on them, parcels being picked up 2 days after the booking date, parcels never hitting there targets toke 1 month for a melb to melb parcel to hit its target, over charging on parcels, please get your *** in gear before you loose more customers due to your poor service!

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I worked for allied express they are horrible people they don't care about customers or the people that work for them. They bully people to leave and at the moment they have 7 court cases waiting to be heard .

They tell customers anything just to get off the phone and they simply don't care at all. DONT USE THEM BOYCOTT THEM

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